Locations: New Orleans, LA




  • Intermodal Trucking - shipping containers & flat racks
  • Domestic trucking - 53 ft dry vans
    45 Local City Driver Fleet
    45 Over the Road Driver Fleet
  • Warehousing
    250,000 Total sq. ft. Warehouse /
    Freight Consolidation Services
  • Logistical Consulting
  • Break-bulk Handling
  • Container Depot Services
    10 Acre Full Function
    Container Depot Station
  • Consolidation
  • Packaging

Corporate Headquarters:

3900 France Road Pkwy., New Orleans, LA 70126
Tel: (504) 734-0561
Fax: (504) 734-7901
Work Order Fax Q: (206) 600-5557

New Orleans Warehouse:
3900 France Road Pkwy., New Orleans, LA 70126

Esplanade Warehouse:
2 Esplanade Ave., New Orleans, LA 70117

Warehouse Phone Numbers:
Tel: (504) 943-0681
Fax: (504) 943-0684

Corporate Headquarters

  Jack Jensen Chief Executive Officer jackjensen@tcitrucking.com
  Christian Jensen President of the Jensen Companies cjensen@tcitrucking.com
  Jeffrey Louis President jlouis@tcitrucking.com
  Dave Lagasse VP - Sales dlagasse@tcitrucking.com
  Paul Gagnet Sales pgagnet@tcitrucking.com
  Chip Schifano Sales cschifano@tcitrucking.com
  Glenda Jensen Human Resources Manager glendajensen@tcitrucking.com
  Peggy Neidballa HR/Accounting Assistant pneidballa@tcitrucking.com
  Jody Jensen Operations Manager jodyjensen@tcitrucking.com
  Christian Howard Regional Operations Manager choward@tcitrucking.com
  Martina Harcarova Global Logistics Manager mharcarova@tcitrucking.com
  Louis Rodriguez TCI Packaging President lrodriguez@tcitrucking.com
  Tina Zeller OPS Cost Control Manager tzeller@tcitrucking.com
  Beau Albert Safety Director/Loss Control/Risk Management balbert@tcitrucking.com
  Gail Anderson Driver Support ganderson@tcitrucking.com
  Tiffany Campise Accounting Manager tcampise@tcitrucking.com
  Crystal Heirsch Accounts Payable cheirsch@tcitrucking.com
  Jamie Schayot Accounts Payable jschayot@tcitrucking.com
  Japene Sterling Payables/Purchasing jsterling@tcitrucking.com
  Tonia Battiste Accounts Receivable Manager tbattiste@tcitrucking.com
  Keiona Nellon Accounts Receivable knellon@tcitrucking.com
  Susan Kelso Driver Support/Accounting skelso@tcitrucking.com
  Jerry Jensen Maintenance Director jerryjensen@tcitrucking.com
  Sharon Hueschen Receptionist shueschen@tcitrucking.com

Brokerage Services


  Jon Jensen Brokerage Manager jonjensen@tcitrucking.com
  Bertha Gutierrez Brokerage Assistant bgutierrez@tcitrucking.com

Container Yard

(504) 944-8308

  Kathy Graff Driver Support/Hiring Specialist kgraff@tcitrucking.com
  Kristie Lopez Safety Director/Admin Assistant klopez@tcitrucking.com
  Nikki Parman Driver support nparman@tcitrucking.com

Esplanade Warehouse

(504) 943-0681

  Earl Jones Facility Manager ejones@tcitrucking.com
  Amy Swain Warehouse Customer Service aswain@tcitrucking.com



  Jody Jensen Operations Manager jodyjensen@tcitrucking.com
  Isaac Murphy Dispatcher imurphy@tcitrucking.com
  Desiree Luquette Dispatcher dluquette@tcitrucking.com
  Brittany Abate Dispatcher babate@tcitrucking.com
  John Keim Dispatcher jkeim@tcitrucking.com

Customer Service


  Sara Gardella CSR Manager sgardella@tcitrucking.com
  Candice Johnson CSR cjohnson@tcitrucking.com
  Samantha Nunez CSR snunez@tcitrucking.com